Cough Syrup #4


Full Color. 76 pages.

8.5″ x 11″

The Fourth Installment of Cough Syrup Magazine. Art, Articles, Drug Culture, Buddhism, Poetry, Information, Transmissions. Great lookbook if you’re tripping. A great read if you’re interested in psychedelics, meditation, art, and literature.

Mixed media and digital art by ten different artists, articles on 2C-I and Alexander Shulgin, growing mushrooms, a letter to a representative, some buddhist scriptures, and an amazing film review by Nick Atwood on the film 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968).

Liquid color sent to dazzle and inspire vibratory feels.

This issue came out in tandem as part of the Integration release along with It’s Working: Short Stories, and Poetry. Check them out or get it all in a bundle!

Support the arts! Trip safely. Be healthy. Be happy. May everyone figure it out.

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The Insight That Brings Us To The Other Shore (New Heart Sutra Translation by Thic Naht Han)

Heart Sutra

On Growing Mushrooms by Harley Claes

Paintings by Paul Luikart

Testimony by David Kuhnlein

Delerium and Bizarre Teleportation by Saliva Shaman

Alexander Shulgin’s Log + Notes on 2C-I from His Work PIKHAL

Collages by Matthew Revert

Visual Art by Lisa Bonteau

Visual Art by Lindsey Grant

Visual Art by Mark Jakubowski

When The Outlet Sparks by Madison Quinn

Casual LSD on a Tuesday in November Part III, Microdope by KKUURRTT

LSD and True Love in the Poconos by Erin Cisney

And the Amish Man Laughed, Ha!  by Rustin Larson

2001: A Space Odyssey(1968) Review        by Nick Atwood

 Illustrations by Indica Illustrations (Sarah Schmitz)

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