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Cough Syrup #4 – Integration Release!

Cough Syrup #4 is out! Integration release is finally here, only a few months late… It’s been great working with the over 40 contributor’s and the amazing content and energy they offered to our little magazine.

We released three books. Our magnus opum, Cough Syrup #4, with work from 15 artists and writers. Color spills out and we’re taken through a gradient maze of amazing paintings, visual art, optical illusions. There is an article from on of our favorite creatives and affiliate sites, Angelical Ravings Press and the beautiful Harley Claes. Trip reports, a thoughtful and heartfelt Letter to a Representative about the dual problems of the opiate issue by David Kuhnlein. Buddhism, drugs, and blissful visionary poetry. There is an in-depth review of the film 2001: A Space Oddysey (1968: Stanley Kubrik) from the film guru Nick Atwood.

It’s Working: Short Stories, a collection of fiction from 13 talented authors. Drug fiction, horror, science fiction, mystical and weird. This is the second fiction publication from Cough Syrup and our best to date. These talented writers have spun a stream of beautiful prose and twisted pathways to keep you guessing and enjoying every line you read. Each story stands alone as a great piece, but together they are a current of feeling and narrative insight into the grasp of what it means to be a feeling human and the stories that lie on the forefront and depths of our consciousness.

Last Poetry, with 14 poets and work that is transcendent and introspective, showcasing the beautiful trip life is in the vast range of thought and emotion.

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed and for letting us read and share your work. We feel honored to have you as part of this publication and for the connection on a human and creative level during these difficult times. We hope anyone that has faced any health or financial issues during this time may receive some peace and rest. May we remember during times of divide and crisis that though we are individuals, the genetic thread of humanity holds us in a vast weave, and the root of our consciousness and ‘souls’ is a great fabric. The ‘I’ that is ‘I’ is you. We love you and hope you find happiness, not only during this time, but throughout your life. May you find peace and happiness. May we all figure things out in this life, may all beings attain peace, happiness and liberation.

We are happy to be breathing the same air on this ball, seeing the same stars, and thinking thoughts in this day. May the astronauts zipping over our heads, also attain peace and liberation in the vast void of space.

All of these books are at our Shop! There are also free Downloads available here. No need to sign up for anything.

On Growing Mushrooms by Harley Claes

Paintings by Paul Luikart

Testimony by David Kuhnlein

Delerium and Bizarre Teleportation by Saliva Shaman

Collages by Matthew Revert

Visual Art by Lisa Bonteau

Visual Art by Lindsey Grant

Visual Art by Mark Jakubowski

When The Outlet Sparks by Madison Quinn

Casual LSD on a Tuesday in November Part III, Microdope by KKUURRTT

LSD and True Love in the Poconos by Erin Cisney

And the Amish Man Laughed, Ha!  by Rustin Larson

2001: A Space Odyssey(1968) Review        by Nick Atwood

 Illustrations by Indica Illustrations (Sarah Schmitz)

April 1970 – Hudson Valley College – No Way To Say Goodbye by Michael Summerleigh

Ripples by Gina Moriarty

The Day Off by Mark Keane

My Neighbor Soo by Pete Able

Messiah Online by Kevin Camp

A Kind of Son by Tommy Sheffield

Alien Internship by Jessica Brook Johnson

Ether Ore by Mike Sheedy

Take It Off by Evan Rodenhausen

Better Living Through Chemistry by Michael Tenney

Tack Tack Rumble by J. Federle

Queen Trades by Robert Lewis

The Weeper and Gnasher by Ashkan Jafarpisheh

Madison Quinn

Donovan Martinez


Erin Cisney

Michael Kleis

Rustin Larson

Michael Summerleigh

Alan Cohen

William Doreski

Christine Neuman

Jessica Hoard

Yuan Changmin

Ilya Gutner

Mark Blickley